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 Join us for Sunday Service at 10:00 a.m.


John 15: 1-17 shows Jesus using some powerful imagery for those listening as He speaks about the vine, the branches, and the fruit. Now there are different opinions about grape vines from ugly to beautiful, invasive to life giving, but we need to look at the intent in vs 17 when Jesus says, "Love one another."  The individual grape does not hate the grape next to it. It does not ignore the grape next to it. And it certainly does not prune off the other grape next to it and cast it to the ground to shrivel up and die. More importantly the individual grape's health and flourishing does not depend on being connected to the other grapes, but by being connected to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.
Our connection to each other is important. Our desire for connection is how God designed us and made us. It is not good for humans to be alone. However, our most important connection is to Jesus.
God's blessing to all of you,                       Pastor Kevin    5/22/20